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We, as Arcon Southern Africa, part of Arcon International, are now 30 years on the South African market and have one if not the most effective natural product against increased hair loss.

Arcon-Tisane Hair Vitamin Capsules are nutritional supplements with fenugreek seed concentrate as well as essential hair-active vitamins from the B group.

The composition of valuable vitamins and fenugreek seed extract has been selected so that the body is supplied with important nutrients and building substances. Since the body cannot produce these vitamins itself, these must be externally supplied through ingestion of our daily nourishment. But a deficiency often ensues; many factors impede sufficient intake of essential vitamins, be it insufficient nourishment, stress or otherwise also negative environmental influence.

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Arcon Southern Africa has now been on the market for 30 years. We are one of the most effective anti-hair loss products on the market today.

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