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We, as Arcon Southern Africa, part of Arcon International, are now 20 years on the South African market and have one if not the most effective natural product against increased hair loss.

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Health Food Stores  operate in the field of alternative health and the sourcing and development of health products, which have the primary responsibility to serve the preservation and the furtherance of health.

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When we started REFORMHAUS in 1988 there were only few Health Shops on the, then, Witwatersrand.

Food with high nutritious value

Alternative health

Health Shops were popular for their interest in their customers health problems; they afforded the time to listen and tried to find solutions in correcting their way of living at a budget to suit the customers income.

We are able to supply most of our products in bulk up to 5kgs at discounted prices.
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Natural Health Products by Health Reform

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Health reform

Hence the health products sold in our store consists of:

Food with high nutritious value;

Food complimentary agents, which serve the appropriate complement of the modern nutrition and which are suitable for prevention of or for balance of deficiency symptoms;

Selected foods and diabetic foods, which are suitable for special nutritional requirements;

Products for natural personal grooming and beauty care;

Natural products for application in self-medication or for preservation and improvement of the health.

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We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Health Advice helping them with natural remedies from our store.